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動  詞  匯  總
1.accept vt.&vi. 接受,同意
   receive 收到(但不一定接受)
2.add vt.&vi. 添加,加
   add in 算入; 包括
add to增加, 加到
add up 加起來, 總計; 和預期產總數相等;
add up to總計共達; (總起來看)等于說; 意味著
7.advise vt. 勸告,建議,通知
advice un.建議
a piece of advice
advise sb. to do sth . 建議……做……
8.afford vt. 負擔得起,買得起,提供
   afford time/money (動詞前往往有情態動詞can或can’t)
9. agree vt.&vi. 同意,贊成
agree like cats and dogs 水火不相容
agree to do    同意做……。
agree with同意...的意見; 與...一致; 對...適合
11.allow vt. 準許     allowance   
   allow doing     允許做……
   allow  sb. to do 允許某人做……
   be allowed to do   被允許做……
13.arrive vi. 到達    n arrival
arrive at/in 到達(目的地); 達到, 得出(結論等)(沒有明確地點arrive)
=get to = reach (夠到……,達到某種水平或數字)
14.ask vt. 詢問,請求,要求
ask sb. for sth 要; 請求, 征求 要(價) 找
ask sb. (not) to do sth.
15.avoid vt.避免,撤銷
avoid doing 避免做某事
17. wake v. 醒
 wake up 醒來
e.g. James usually wakes up early.
   wake sb up  叫醒……
e.g. My mother wakes me up at six o’clock.

    awake指喚醒(意志……) 也可為adj指清醒的

21.become    v. 變得 成為
表變化的系動詞  become  be  get  go
22.begin  v.  開始  在完成時態中須變成be on
begin with  以…開始
begin to do/doing  開始做…
to begin with  首先 第一
  To begin with, he is too young.
    Well begun is half done . 良好的開端是成功的一半。
29. borrow   v.  借
borrow sth. from sb. 向某人借某物
   lend sb. sth = lend sth to sb 把某物借給某人
   keep sth for some time 借多長時間
30.break   v. 打破 違反
break the rules= be against the rules
break down  (機器等)壞了 車拋錨
break into  破門而入
break out   (火災,水災等)發生
n. 休息  have a break
31.breathe   v.  呼吸
breathe in/out    吸入/呼出
breath   n.  呼吸
 out of breath   氣喘吁吁
 hold one’s breath 屏住呼吸
 take a deep breath  深呼吸
32.build     v.  建造
build up  確立 樹立;促進(身體康復)
34.buy     v.  買
buy sth. for sb.=buy sb sth
have sth for some time 買了多長時間
35.call     v.叫,叫做,打電話 n.電話 叫喊聲
make a phone call to sb  給……打電話
call for要求
call off 取消
call in 召集
call at 訪問(某處)  (車船等)停靠(某地).
call on  (1).訪問(sb.),(2).號召;要求
call back  (1).回電話;(2).召回,叫回來
call up  (1).打電話 (2).使人想起
39. carry  v.攜帶, 搬運
carry on sth 從事
carry on (with sth/doing sth)繼續
carry out 開展, 實現, 完成, 進行到底 貫徹, 執行, 落實
40. catch
v.捉[逮, 截]住, 捕獲,趕上(車、船等)領悟, 聽清, 了解, 理會
catch up with追上, 趕上,
Speak slowly please,I can’t catch you .
44. change  n.改變, 變化, 轉變, 找回的零錢 v.改變, 變革, 改造, 兌換
change one's mind 改變某人主意
change into 變成.翻譯成
Here is your change.   這是找回的零錢。
Great changes have taken place in my hometown since I left .
48.cheer  n.愉快  v. (使)快活, (對)歡呼    cheerful  adj 高興的,歡呼的
cheer up   歡呼,振作
cheer sb. up   使……振作起來
cheers ! 干杯!Here’s to ……   為了……
52.clean    adj.清潔的, 干凈的, 清白的v.打掃, 使干凈, 清掃
clean/clear/tidy  up 收拾干凈
   keep the room tidy and clean
          Eg  Did you get your copy of “China Daily” today?
58.cost  值;花費(無被動式)
sth cost sb sm(to do)
sb spend money/time (in) doing sth./on +n.
sb pay money for sth
It take sb time to do sth
How much does it cost?=What is the price of it?
59.cough    vi 咳嗽      n 咳嗽;咳嗽聲
             have a cough
63.cross   v.穿過,渡過;
across  prep. 穿過 (表面)
through   prep. 通過 (中間)
    cross  adj. 生氣的  Your mother will be cross if you are late.
               n.  十字架
crossing  n 十字路口
65. cut    v.切;坎;刪除;減少;停止(供煤氣、電等)
            cut down 砍倒
            cut up  切開
            cut into pieces  切成碎片
67.end    v&n. 結束, 終結, 終止
       We play football when school ends.
in the end最終地;終于=at last=finally
       at the end of    在……的盡頭/末尾
by the end of   到……時為止(后接過去的時間,用過去完成時)
70. examine v&n.檢查, 調查, 考試
    look sb. over = examine sb
73.expect  vt.期待, 預期, 盼望, 指望,
expect (sb.) to do =look forward to doing
78.fall      fall off     從……跌落 =fall down from
fall in love(with)  (與……)墜入愛河
fall over   落在……上;跌倒  翻車
fall behind   落后
79.feed   ①feed on    以……為食物
②feed up    供給食物
3 be fed up with    厭倦了……
80.feel   ①feel like doing  想要做某事=would like to do = want to do
②作系動詞,后加adj. 沒有被動態
81.fetch  去取來=get
   take   拿走    take sb to sp /take sth with sb /take sb around sp
   bring    帶來   bring sb sth = bring sth to sb
82.fight v&n  ①fight against sth.   與……抗爭
②fight back     還擊
③fight for      為……而戰
83.fill    ①be filled with  ……里……充滿……=be full of
②fill in        填寫
84.find   ①find out       查出,查明(事情的真相)
            look for       尋找(強調動作)
           find            找到 (強調結果)
           search sb for sth  搜查某地找某物
②find+it+adj.+(for sb.)+to do sth.
85.finish    finish doing    完成做某事
91.forget  v. 忘記  forgetful adj 健忘的
   forget to do 忘記去做某事
  forget doing 忘記做過某事
92.freeze  v.  凍結;愣住   freezing adj 極冷的
   Smile froze on his face .
  He shouted , “Freeze!”  別動!

    get: 得到;到達;取來;變得;理解;準備(飯);  患 ;登上(車,飛機等)

   get down: 寫下,記下;咽下,拿下
   get to:    到達
   get on/off (a bus):   上/下車;
   get into/out of(a car):   
   get together; 聚會,相聚
   get  up:    起床
   get in   收割
   get sth. done = have sth done
   get on well with
94.give: 給,交給,遞給;贈送;提供;交付;舉
   give sb. sth = give sth. to sb,
give in:    妥協,讓步,屈服
give up doing/for sth: 放棄做某事
give sth back to sb:   把…歸還給某人
95.go: 去;離開;變得;處于(某種狀態);去某地        做某事
be gone: 離開了,消失了
go ahead: 做計劃中的事情
go back to: 追溯到
go by: 經過;(時間)逝去
go for: 試圖得到某物
go off: 中斷;(鈴)大聲響;爆炸
go on with/doing sth: 繼續做某事
go on to do sth: 接著做某事(另外一件事)
go out: 出去;(火;燈)熄滅
go over: 仔細查看
go through:經歷, 仔細檢查
go bad   變壞(質)
96.grow: 長大;(植物)生長;種植;逐漸變成;(問題)變得更大/嚴重
grow up: 長大成人;(習慣、習俗)形成
bring up   撫養
grown-up: 成年的;大人
     grow vegetables 種蔬菜
     grow tall       長高
100.happen  v 發生
     happen to sb
     happen to do.
     Great changes have taken place in my hometown since 1999.
101.hate v 憎恨,厭惡
hate doing sth.
102.have  v 1)有
            2)使,讓     have sb do
                       have sth. done
            3) (don’t) have to
            4) have done
103.hear v 聽見 (強調結果)
            1)hear sb. do
            2) hear sb. doing sth.
            3)hear from sb.
            4) hear of /about
            5)I’m sorry to hear that.
  listen to 聽(強調動作)
104.heat v. 加熱   n 熱量
105 help  v&n 幫助
         1)help sb. with sth
         2)help sb (to)do sth
         3) help oneself to + n.
         4) can’t helping
109.hope v. 希望
         hope to do
         hope that
         I hope so.
110. hurry v 匆忙
         hurry to do = do sth in a hurry
111 .imagine    v.     設想,猜想,想象
imagine doing sth  
   例:It’s hard to imagine living in a palace.
imagine that
   例:I magine that you’ve won a million pounds.
imagine someone doing sth
   例:I simply can’t imagine George helping with the baby!
n.     imagination   想象力
   adj.    imaginative   富有想象力的
112.improve   v.    改善,改進,提高
improve yourself   求上進的
n.     improvement    改進;進步
   例:There has certainly been an improvement in his behavior.
114. increase    v./n.   增長
increase rapidly    增長迅速
increase by/to      增長了/到
adj.    increasing   增長的
   adv.    increasingly   越來越多的
反義詞    v.    decrease    減少,降低   
116、insist    v.   堅持,強調
insist on doing sth/ n.
insist that  (堅持讓別人做事用虛擬,should+v.  堅持自己做事無需用虛擬)
例:Tom insisted that he was mistaken.
       Tom insisted that everyone should come to the party .
119. invent   v.    發明  
n.  inventor   發明家     invention   發明
虛構;捏造    例: The  whole story was invented.
120. invite  v.    介紹
invite sb to sp
invite sb to do sth
n. 邀請;請柬    invitation   例:Did you get an invitation to the wedding.
121.join   連接;加入
join sb/team/club/Party/League/army
join (sb) in sth/doing sth 跟某人一起做某事
take part in the sports meeting
123.keep v. 保持
keep ……away ……
keep (sb.) doing
keep +adj.
keep sb from doing
    129. land    n. 陸地 v. 登陸
    by land   由陸路     on land  在陸地上
124. last      adj. 最后的 adv.最后 v. 持續
   last for  持續多久
   at last   最后 =in the end = finally
125. laugh    n.& vi.   笑  laughter 笑聲
   laugh at sb  嘲笑某人
128. learn    學習
  learn to do  學著去做……
  learn about sth.  了解……
  learn from sb./ sth.  向……學習……
  learn sth by oneself= teach oneself sth
129. leave   離開
  leave for sp.  前往某地
  leave sp. for sp.  離開某地去某地
  leave sb. alone/ on one’s own/ by oneself  把某人單獨留在……
  leave sth. +prep. + sp.  把某物落在某地
  leave a message  留言
  We have a few minutes left .(作剩下講,往往用過去分詞放在所修飾名詞的后面)
  Leave +n +done/doing/adj   使…處于某種狀態…
   He left the room ,leaving the window open .
130. lend     借出
   lend sb. sth.  把某物借給某人
  = lend sth. to sb.
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