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中考英語 100條重點短語歸納
1. ~ down:
put down放下  shut down把…關上 
cut down砍掉  come down下來、落下
slow down 減緩、放慢  sit down坐下
write down寫下  get down下來,降落
2. after ~:
after all畢竟.終究  after that于是.然后
day after day日復一日地 
one after another相繼.挨次
soon after不久以后
the day after tomorrow后天
3. ~ up (with):
come up with找到、提出 
catch up with趕上  wake up弄醒、醒來
send up發射  open up開設、開辦
grow up長大  pick up拾起、撿起
hands up舉手  eat up吃光  clean up打掃干凈
give up doing sth.=stop doing sth.放棄做某事
arrive at/in + n. (地方)
=get to +n. (地方)
=reach + n. (地方)
=arrive / get +adv. (地方)
5. ~ back:
get…back退還,送回去.取回  give back歸還
come back回來  at the back of在…的后面
on the way (back)home在回家路上
6. at~ :
at least至少    at breakfast早餐時
at desk在桌前  at once立刻,馬上
at school在上學  at the doctor’s在醫務室
at work在工作  at night在晚上  at noon中午
be good at=do well in 善長  be bad at不善長
laugh at嘲笑  not…at all一點也不
at the age of歲時  at first起初
at last=in the end=finally最后、終于
at the beginning of (the 21st century)21世紀初   at the end of 終點、結尾
at Christmas在圣誕節  at the foot of在…腳下
at the moment= now現在
at any moment任何時候
at times(sometimes)有時,偶爾 
at the same time同時
7. for~ :
for example例如  for ever永遠
be good for有益  be bad for有害
for long=for a long time長期 
for short 簡稱  be short for是…的簡稱
8. come ~ :
come true實現  come down下來
come from=be from來自,出生于
come in/into進入,進來  come on趕快,加油
come over過來  come along走吧,過來,快點
come and go來來去去  come up上來
come out出來,()開,(照片)沖洗出來
9. even ~ :
even though=even if即使、雖然、盡管
10. be ~ with/ ~ of :
be pleased with感到滿意
be covered with被…覆蓋
be expected to do sth.被期望做某事
be proud of 自豪    be afraid of害怕
speak highly of 稱贊
hear of聽說 / (hear from sb.收到某人的來信)
of cause=certainly當然可以
plenty of= a lot of許多
11.by ~ :
by the way順便說  by oneself單獨,獨自
by the end of為至  one by one依次
by the time(引起時間狀語從句)的時候
by air/plane乘飛機 
by bus/train/car乘公共汽車/火車/轎車
相關:catch a bus趕公交車 
get on/off the bus上/下車 
take a bus to…=go to …by bus乘車去…
12.do ~ :
do/try one’s best盡力 
do one’s homework做家庭作業
do (the/some) shopping購物
do the cooking烹飪  do some cleaning打掃
do the/some washing洗衣服  do sport做運動
do with sb / sth.處理   well done干得好
13.early ~ :
in the early morning一大早 
in the early spring初春  early bus早班車
in my early days我幼年時期
14. ~ to:
make a contribution to貢獻給、捐獻
make a telephone call to sb.=ring sb. up
=give sb. a call=phone sb.給某人打電話
connect A to B把A與B連接起來
be close to靠近(某地)   give birth to生(孩子)
lose to sb輸給sb .
15.either ~ :
on either side of the street街道任何一邊 / (on each side of the street街道每一邊on both sides of the street街道兩邊)
16. ~ doing sth. :
keep doing sth.不停地做某事(不間斷的連續)
keep on doing sth.堅持做某事(有間斷的連續)
practise doing sth.練習做某事
enjoy doing sth.喜歡做某事
finish doing sth.做完某事
go on doing sth.繼續做某事(同一件事)
17.go ~ :
go on to do sth.接著做某事(另一事)
go straight along 沿著一直往前走
go up/down上升/下降  go for a walk散步 
go over復習  go shopping買東西
go to the cinema去看電影  go well進展順利
go off to=leave for動身(出發)前往 
go to work去上班  want a go 想試一試
18. ~ about :
talk about談論   worry about擔心
How / What about…?  …怎么樣?
think about考慮
相關:think of 認為、想起、考慮、想到
think over仔細考慮   think out想出
19. ~ from :
from door to door挨家挨戶
from time to time時時 
from now on從今以后  from then on 從那以后
be different from不同 
borrow…from …從…借….
20.get ~ :
get dressed穿衣  get into進入
get/be lost丟失   get off/on/上車
get on well with sb.與某人相處得好
get out of從…出來   get warm 變曖
get ready for +n.做準備
get ready to do sth.準備做某事
get well康復  get a chance 有機會、得到機會
get/go to sleep(fall asleep)入睡
相關:(be asleep睡著)
21. look ~ :
look for 尋找   wait for等候
look after=take care of照看
look like看起來像    look the same看起來一樣
look over檢查,復習  look through溫習,檢查
look out小心,從里向外看  look up向上看,查單詞
look around環視  look forward to期望
22. ~ off :
set off出發、動身  put off推遲  turn off
take off(),(飛機)起飛   jump off跳離
keep off避開、不靠近  drop off放下(某物)
23. half ~ :
half a kilo半千克  half an hour半小時
in half分成兩半    half of the day半天
24. ~ exercise :
do eye/morning exercises做眼保健/早操
take (more) exercise()參加體育鍛煉
an exercise book練習本
25. ~ in :
take part in參加  hand in上交
in hospital住院   in surprise吃驚地
in the sun在陽光下  in trouble處于困境
in a minute/moment馬上
26. ~ on :
feed on為主食  live on繼續活著
base on為根據  carry on堅持、繼續下去
and so on等等  on the other hand另一方面
on foot步行
28.be ~ 介詞:
be famous for..著名  be born出生
be excited about +n./V-ing感到興奮
be interested in感興趣
be amazed at..感到驚訝
be busy with sth.=be busy doing sth.忙于
29.move ~ :
move away移開   move to(搬)移到…
search the Internet上網
31.make ~ :
make sure 確信   make a dialogue編對話
make a mistake犯錯誤(by mistake由于疏忽)
make a noise吵鬧   make faces做鬼臉
make friends (with)..交朋友
make room for給..讓地方   make tea沏茶
make money賺錢   make a decision作出決定
32.use ~ :
used to do sth過去常常做某事
be used to doing sth.習慣于做某事
33. 丟三落四:
leave sth+介詞短語(in some place) 把…落在某處
34. ~ to do sth. :
forget to do sth.忘記去做某事
encourage sb. to do sth.鼓勵某人做某事 ,
decide to do sth.決定做某事
allow sb. to do sth.允許某人做某事
35.hear ~ :
hear sb. to do sth.=hear sb. doing sth. 聽見某人(正在)做某事
36. ~ with sth. :
help sb.(to)do sth.=help sb.with sth.幫助某人做某事    with one’s help在某人的幫助下
with pleasure樂意
the summer holiday(s)暑假
the winter holiday(s)寒假
38. ~ into :
step into走進   pour into倒入…
39. ~ first :
in the first第一  for the first time第一次
at first起初    a first language母語
first of all首先
40. ~ message :
leave a message for sb.給某人留條
give/take sb. a message給某人捎口信
41. take ~ :
take photos/pictures 照像  take away拿走
take out取出(work out算出)   take care當心
take medicine服藥  take place發生
take one’s temperature量體溫
take one’s time別著急  take a walk散步
42. learn ~ :
learn by oneself=teach oneself自學
learn by heart背熟
43. 一年半:
a year and a half(one and a half years)一年半
44. have ~ :
have a try嘗試,努力   try out嘗試、試驗
find out/about找出,查明  have no idea不知道
have a good/wonderful/great time玩得開心
have a (bad)cold()感冒
have a meeting/walk/watch開會/散步/比賽
have sports進行體育活動
have nothing/sth. to do with與..無(有)關
have (one’s) medicine服藥
45. 提供:offer sb sth.給某人提供某物
46. 獲獎:win first prize獲一等獎
47. 全世界:all over the world
= around the world
= throughout the world
48. 各種各樣的:all kinds of
49. 既不…也不…:neither… nor
50. 表示“并列”:
not only … but also …,不但…而且…
both… and …   …和…都
51. 越…越…:
the more , the better 越多越好
the taller, the better 越高越好
52. 一生:all one’s life
53. as ~ as :
as soon as        as if 好像
as soon as possible盡可能早地、盡快
as well = too    regard …as 當作
as much as至多,和一樣多   as little as至少 ,
54. 無論…:no matter
55. 從那以后,此后一直:ever since
56. ~ so :
so far 到目前為止     or so大約
57. 表示“又,再”:
another two hours
=two more hours 又(再) 2個小時
58. 一周三次:three times a week
59. ~ number :
the number of…的數量
a (large/good/great) number of =large numbers of =many許多,大量的
60. less ~ :
less than少于   less and less 越來越少
62. 直到…才…:not…until…
63. like ~ :
be like像   feel like +n./V-ing想要  
like best最喜歡   would like to 想要
64. 24小時制:the 24 hour clock
65. ~ away :
wash away沖走  run away逃跑  take away帶走
66. ~ long :
before long不久 long before=long ago很久以前
for long =for a long time長期
no longer = not any longer不再
67. more ~ :
more or less = about或多或少,大約
more than = over多于,超過
68. every ~ :
every year每年   every four years每隔四年
every other day每隔一天
everyday English/life日常英語/生活
69. next ~ :
next to緊挨著   next door隔壁,鄰居
next year明年   next time下次
70. 收到來信:
receive/get/have a letter from sb.
= hear from sb.  收到某人的來信
71. 展覽:on show = on display
72. 充滿…:be filled with = be full of
73. 由于:thank to = because of
74. ~ day :
some day =one day(將來)某一天   all day終日 
day and night 日日夜夜  in a day or two一兩天內
in the old days從前,舊社會
from day to day (day after day)日復一日
the day before yesterday前天
the day after tomorrow后天
Tree Planting Day植樹節  Women’s Day婦女節
75. stop ~ :
keep/stop/prevent…(from) doing sth.防止(阻止)…做某事
stop to do sth.停下來去做某事
stop doing sth.停止做某事
76. 很,非常:nice and +adj. = very +adj.
77. 名勝古跡:a place (places) of interest
78. 表示“分數”:
three quarters of… …的四分之三
two thirds of… 三分之二的…
79. 信用卡:credit card
80. 表示“人口增長”:
the increasing population增長著的人口
81. 旅行路線:a path of travel
82 . 指向:point at / to
83. ~ sea :
by sea = by ship乘船       at sea在海上
by the sea = on the sea 在海邊
84. 專心做某事:set one’s mind to do sth.
85 . 乘以…:multiply…by…
86. see ~:
See you! 再見     You see.你知道,你明白,你瞧
Let me see.讓我想想  see sb. off給某人送行
see a/the doctor看病
some…others…  一些(人,物)…其他(人,物)…
one…another 一個..另一個(三者或以上 )
one…the other一個…另一個(總數二個)
88. ~ out :
be worn out穿舊,磨壞   check out核實,檢查
write out寫出   take sth. out of從…拿出/取出某物
89. in ~ :
in this way用這種方法   in space在太空
in a few year’s time幾年以后   
in and out of class在課內課外   
in the last fifteen minutes在最后十五分鐘里 ,
in the second half在下半場
later in one’s life在某人的后半生
in the air在空中      in the open air在戶外
90. 打針:
give sb. an injection給某人打針
get an injection打針
have been to去過某地  have gone to到某地去了
95. (隨身)攜帶:take sth. with sb.
You’d better take an umbrella with you.
96.  prefer ~ :
prefer to= like…better than寧愿,更喜歡
prefer +doing/to do sth.喜歡做
Would/should prefer to do寧愿做。。。
prefer A to B  喜歡/愿意A而不喜歡/愿意B
prefer to do… rather than do…喜歡做而不喜歡
如:(I prefer to walk there rather than go by bus.我喜歡走著去那里,而不愿乘車)
prefer + 名詞(代詞) to do sth. 寧愿
如:(We prefer her not to come.我們寧愿她不來)
97. spend 金錢/時間 :
+ spend +time/money+(in) doing sth. 花費時間/金錢用來做…(in可省略)
+ spend + time/money+ on +sth.在…上花費時間/金錢
+ pay + money +for +sth.
= + cost + (sb.) + money 買…花費了…(錢)
It takes(will take/took) sb. time/money+ to do sth. 做…花費了某人…金錢/時間
98. 處理:do with + sb. / sth.
99. 介意/反對做…:
mind + if 從句:(Do you mind if I open the window?我開窗你不反對吧?)
mind + doing sth.:(Would you mind turning on the TV?打開電視你不反對吧?)
100. 表示“為什么”:
what…for? = why…?
(What do you learn English for? = Why do you learn English?)
101. 需要:
need + 名詞/ doing
The students need some help.學生們需要幫助.
This pair of shoes needs mending.這雙鞋需要修理.
102. 用來做…:
be used for+ sth./ doing sth. 被用來做...
be used as+sth. 被作為…使用
be used by sb.(動作執行者)  被…使用
be made of 由…制造
be made from由…制成
be made in+地點   某地制造
be made by+  由誰制造的
104. 國家:
more developed countries發達國家
less developed countries不發達國家
developing countries發展中國家
105. 值得…:
be worth + money 值…錢
be worth + doing sth. 值得做…
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