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1) It was the first time in a year and a half that I had seen the night face to face. (從句時態用完成時) 這是我一年半以來第一次目睹夜晚。
2) I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that I’ve grown so crazy about everything to do with nature.(強調句) 我不知道這是不是因為我長久無法出門的緣故,我變得對一切與大自然有關的事物都無比狂熱。
3) I stayed awake on purpose until half past eleven one evening in order to have a good look at the moon for once by myself. 有一天晚上,我熬到11點半故意不睡覺,為的是獨自好好看看月亮一次。
4) Your friend, who doesn’t work hard, asks you to help him cheat in the end-of-term exam.(非限制性定語從句) 你的一個朋友叫你在期末考試中幫他作弊,這個朋友平常不認真學習。
5) If you have some trouble (in) getting along with your friends, you can write to the editor and ask for advice. 如果你在和朋友的相處上有問題,你可以寫信給編輯向他征求建議。
6) Add up your score and see how many points you can get. 把你的得分加起來,看看得了多少。
7) What he did has added to our difficulties. 他的所作所為增加了我們的困難。
8) His income adds up to $1000 a month. 他每月的收入共計1000美元。
9) It's no pleasure looking through these any longer because nature is one thing that really must be experienced. 觀看這些已不再是樂趣,因為大自然是你必須體驗的。
10) Why is she so concerned about his attitude to her work? 她為什么那么關注他對她的工作的看法?
11) The police asked him to set down what he had seen in a report. 警察讓他在報告中寫下他所看見的事情。
12) As I was about to go out and search for him, he happened to come in. 正當我打算出去找他時,他恰巧進來。
13) Mr. Jones lives alone and often feels lonely. 瓊斯先生單獨一人生活,常常感到孤獨。
14) We tried to calm him down, but he kept crying. 我們試圖讓他平靜下來,但他仍不停地哭著。
15) Does he dare (to) go out at night in such stormy weather? 他敢在這樣一個暴風雨夜外出嗎?
16) He would go through fire and water for his country. 他愿為國家赴湯蹈火。
17) That country suffered a heavy loss in the flood. 那個國家在水災中遭受嚴重的損失。
18) World Englishes come from those countries where English plays an important role as a first or second language, either because of foreign rule or because of its special role as an international language.(定語從句) 世界英語來自那些以英語為第一或第二語言的國家,英語在這些國家起重要作用,或是因為外國的統治,或是因為其作為國際語言的特殊地位。
19) All languages change when cultures communicate with one another. 當不同的語言互相溝通時,所有的語言都會發生變化。
20) Actually, the English spoken between about AD 450 and 1150 was based more on German than present day English.實際上,從公元450年到1150年,人們所說的英語更多的是以德語為基礎的,而現代英語不是。
21) Would you please come up to my flat for a visit? 請到我的公寓里來坐坐,好嗎?
22) Believe it or not, he cheated in the exams. 信不信由你,他在考試中作弊。
23) Native English speakers can understand each other even if they don’t speak the same kind of English.
24) Today the number of people learning English in China is larger than even before. 目前在中國學習英語的人數比以往任何時候都多。
25) It is the duty of a government to provide education for the children of its country. (it作形式主語)政府的責任是為其國家的小孩提供教育。
26) Reading is one of the best ways of improving your vocabulary and usage. 閱讀是幫助你改善詞匯及其用法的最好方法之一。
27) Giving commands is less polite than making a request. 發號命令比發出請求粗魯。
28) We asked her for directions and she told us to go round the corner on the left and keep going straight for two blocks. 我們向她問路,她告訴我們往左邊拐彎后直走兩個街區。
29) He knows several languages, such as English, French and German. 他懂幾種語言,例如英語、法語和德語。
30) My sister and I have dreamed about cycling along the Mekong River from where it begins to where it ends. 我姐姐和我一直夢想要沿湄公河從源頭到終點騎車旅行。
31) The man insisted that he didn’t steal anything and he (should) be set free at once. (陳述語氣、虛擬語氣) 這男人堅持自己沒有偷東西,他堅持說他應該立刻被釋放。
32) She gave me a determined look ?C the kind that said she wouldn’t change her mind. 她給了我一個堅定的眼神——這種眼神表明她是不會改變主意的。
33) He is so stubborn that no one can persuade him to do anything. 他是如此的固執以致沒有人能說服他做任何事。
34) My sister doesn’t care about details. 我的姐姐是不會考慮細節的。
35) She is a determined woman. Once she determines to do something, she will do it well. 她是個意志堅強的人。如果她下決心做什么事,就一定要做好。
36) He recorded the important events ad his afterthoughts in his travel journal. 在旅行日記中,他記下了重大的事件及自己的想法。
37) I am not familiar with this city, because this is my first visit. 我對這個城市不熟悉,因為這是我的第一次來訪。
38) I don’t think it is necessary for us to give in. 我認為我們沒有必要讓步。
39) The topics of a travel journal can be different from a diary, often including people, things, and events less familiar to readers. 游記的主題可以和日記不同,經常包括那些讀者不太熟悉的人和事。
40) It was great fun to put up tents here. 在這兒搭帳篷真好玩。
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