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1. I don't know _________ he will come tomorrow. _________ he comes, I'll tell you.

    A. if; Whether      B. whether; Whether        C. if; That      D. if; If
2. I don't know _________ the day after tomorrow.

     A. when does he come        B. how will he come 

     C. if he comes         D. whether he'll come
3. Could you tell me _________ the nearest hospital is?

     A. what        B. how        C. whether       D. where
4. Could you tell me _________ the radio without any help?

     A. how did he mend     B. what did he mend  

     C. how he mended       D. what he mended
5. I want to know _________.

     A. whom is she looking after         B. whom she is looking

     C. whom is she looking                 D. whom she is looking after
6. Do you know where _________ now?

     A. he lives      B. does he live       C. he lived       D. did he live

7. Do you know what time _________?
     A. the train leave   B. does the train leave    C. will the train leave    D. the train leaves
8. I don't know _________. Can you tell me, please?

     A. how the two players are old       B. how old are the two players

     C. the two players are how old       D. how old the two players are
9. The small children don't know _________.

     A. what is their stockings in          B. what is in their stockings

     C. where is their stockings in        D. what in their stockings
10. I can't understand _________.

     A. what does Christmas mean       B. what Christmas does mean

     C. what mean Christmas does       D. what Christmas means
1. Could you tell me ____ the radio without any help?A. how did he mendB. what did he mendC. how he mendedD. what he mended2. Could you tell me ____ do with the money?A. how toB. what should IC. how I shouldD. what I should4. Can you tell me how many English words ____ since 1996?A. have you learnedB. did you learn C. you have learnedD. you learned5. Miss Li wants to know _____ next week.A. when my uncle leavesB. when will my uncleC. where my uncle will stayD. where does my uncle stay6. Can you tell me when ____?A. does the ship leaveB. the ship will leaveC. the ship leaveD. will the ship leave7. Alice wanted to know ____ her grandmother liked the bag.A. thatB. ifC. whichD. what9. They don’t know ____ their presents are.A. whenB. whyC. what10. Mike asked the girl in the shop ____ the watch ____ cheap enough.(1998云南)A. that; isB. if; wasC. that; wasD. whether; is11. I think he ____ back next week.A. comeB. will comeC. cameD. has come12. Xiao Mao told me he ____ a film with his mother the next day.A. would seeB. will watchC. would lookD. will see13. Could you tell me if it ____ tomorrow?A. rainB. will rainC. rainingD. rains1. –Do you remember ____ he came?-Yes, I do, he came by car.A. how B. whenC. thatD. if2. That woman wanted to know _____ her daughter liked the sweater.A. whetherB. whatC. thatD. which3. Have you decided when _____ for London?A. will you leaveB. you will leaveC. are you goingD. you are going4. –Excuse me. Could you tell me ____? -Certainly.A. when can I get to the stationB. I can get to which stationC. which station can I get toD. how I can get to the station5. –What did your mother say, Tom? -She asked me why ____.A. my sister cryingB. my sister was cryingC. is my sister cryingD. was my sister crying6. I wonder what time _____ arrive.A. does the trainB. will the train C. the trainD. the train will7. I wondered _____ our teacher did that for.A. thatB. ifC. whatD. why9. Can you tell me which room _____?A. does he live inB. does he livesC. he lives inD. he lives10. The little boy often asks me what ______?A. will our life of tomorrowB. will our life tomorrow be likeC. our life of tomorrow likeD. our life of tomorrow will be like11. Do you really know _____ used?A. how widely English isB. how wide is EnglishC. English is how widelyD. how is English wide12. Would you please tell me ______ with Peter? He looks unhappy.A. what’s the matterB. what wrong isC. the wrong is whatD. what wrong it was13. –Excuse me, where _____? Do you know? -Yes. I know where _____?A. Jim lives; he livesB. does Jim live; do he liveC. Jim lives; does he liveD. does Jim live; he lives14. I didn’t know _____ and _____.A. what’s his name; how old he isB. what his name was; how old he wasC. what his name is; how is he oldD. that was his name; he was how old15. My friend hasn’t decided _____ on a trip to Wuxi on holiday.A. if he goesB. when will he go C. if he’ll go D. where he go16. Did you ask her what ______ outside?A. was happened to himB. he had happenedC. he happenedD. had happened to him17. The man in the shop asked the woman _____A. which kind does she likeB. which kind she isC. which kind is she likesD. which kind she likes18. No one told us _____, so we need your help.A. how should we doB. what should we doC. how to do itD. what to do it19. I don’t know ______ the day after tomorrow.A. when does he comeB. how will he comeC. if he comesD. whether he’ll come20. –Could you tell me _____?-Yes, they _____ to the library.A. where are the twins; have beenB. where the twins are; have goneC. where were the twins; have beenDwhere the twins were; have gone
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