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1. ---I don’t know ______next.  – You could ask your teacher for help.
  A how to do       B what to do     C . why to do      D when to do 
2.---Why hasn’t Tom come here? ----He ____ill at home.
  A  maybe      B may be       C was          D can’t  be
3.-- ____does the book ____? ----Linda . She bought it this morning.
  A  Whose , be    B How much, cost  C Whose , belong to    D Who , belong to 
4. I learn English by watching English – language videos______.
  A  sometimes     B sometime     C some time      D some times
5.It’s very impolite ___you ____in line.
  A  of ,to cut     B for , cut     C of , cut      D for ,to cut
6. My friend Jenny has moved to ____city , I miss her often
  A . other      B another       C others       D the others
7. When your homework ______, you can watch TV.
  A is finished      B finishes       C finished    D is finishing
8 Thanks to the _____English course , I can live in the USA easily.
  A  six-months     B six- months’   C six –month    D six months
9. Is this the coat you ____last Sunday.?
  A bought     B have bought it   C bought it    D had bought
10.All the workers were made ______some extra hours last month.
  A. work       B. to work      C worked      D working
     These days computer games have become more and more popular in many cities and towns. A lot of small shops along busy streets have changed into computer game houses to get more money. These places are always 31   with people.
     In the computer game houses, people 32   a lot of money matching on the machines. It’s 33   for one to beat a computer, but one can do well after 34   again and again. People want to win when they play computer games. The more they 35   , the more they want to win, and at last they 36   can’t live without it.
     The result is that some people don’t want to work and they play in computer game houses for hours and hours. For school boys, things are 37  . They don’t want to have lessons. When school is 38  , they rush to the computer game houses near their schools.
     Some of them can get enough money from their parents. Some of them are not lucky enough 39    the money. So they have to steal or rob others’ and become 40  .
     Computer game addiction(上癮) is a serious problem in our life. Something has to be done to stop it.
31. A. crowded          B. crowd           C. uncrowded             D. crowds
32. A. take             B. cost             C. pay                   D. spend
33. A. easy             B. possible         C. hard                   D. dangerous
34. A. tries             B. trying           C. tried                   D. try
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