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  Different things usually stand for different feelings. Red, for example, is the color of fire, heat, blood and life. People say red is an exciting and active color. They associate(使發生聯系) red with a strong feeling like 1 。 Red is used for signs of 2 , such as STOP signs and fire engines. Orange is the bright, warm color of 3 in autumn. People say orange is a 4 color. They associate orange with happiness. Yellow is the color of __5__. People say it is a cheerful color. They associate yellow too, with happiness. Green is the cool color of grass in __6__. People say it is a refreshing color. In general, people __7__ two groups of colors: warm colors and cool colors. The warm colors are red, orange and __8__. Where there are warm color and a lot of light, people usually want to be __9__. Those who like to be with __10 _ like red. The cool colors are __11_ and blue. Where are these colors, people are usually worried. Some scientists say that time seems to __12 _ more slowly in a room with warm colors. They suggest that a warm color is a good __13_ for a living room or a __14_ 。 People who are having a rest or are eating do not want time to pass quickly. __15 colors are better for some offices if the people working there want time to pass quickly.

  1. A. sadnessB. angerC. administrationD. smile

  2. A. roads B. ways C. danger D. places

  3. A. landB. leaves C. grass D. mountains

  4. A. lively B. dark C. noisy D. frightening

  5. A. moonlight B. light C. sunlight D. stars

  6. A. summer B. spring C. autumnD. winter

  7. A. speak B. say C. talk about D. tell

  8. A. greenB. yellow C. white D. gray

  9. A. calm B. sleepy C. active D. helpful

  10. A. the other B. another C. other one D. others

  11. A. blackB. green C. golden D. yellow

  12. A. go round B. go by C. go off D. go along

  13. A. one B. way C. fact D. matter

  14. A. factory B. classroom C. restaurant D. hospital

  15. A. Different B. Cool C. Warm D. All




  1.B。根據上文的strong feeling可知anger最合乎文意。

  2.C。下文所列舉的例子STOP signs和 fire engines都屬于危險信號,故選擇danger。





  7.C。speak后面往往接某種語言作賓語;say后面常接說話的內容;tell的賓語一般是人;talk about sth.意為談論某事物。故C為正確選項。

  8.B。根據上文對yellow的解釋。說明yellow也屬于warm color。


  10.D。others相當于other people意為“別的人”。another指“另一個”。other one不可單獨使用,the other one指“另外的一個”。


  12.B。go around意為“到處走動”;go off 意為“離開,爆炸”;go along意為“前進,進行”;go by意為“走過,流逝”。根據文意,應選go by。