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                                                        Protect the Environment, Protect Ourselves
  Good afternoon, my honorable judges, ladies and gentlemen and fellow contestants:
  I feel so happy to have the chance to make a speech. The title of my speech is Protect the Environment, Protect Ourselves. I hope you will like it.
  Everybody knows waste paper and used coke cans are discarded everywhere. You might have seen plastic bags flying in the sky and getting caught in the trees when the wind blows or maybe you have seen old cans floating in the rivers and polluting the water. Our environment is the place in which we live, but it is being ruined by us.
  There is a story about house and trees. It is said that a man’s house was surrounded by a lot of trees. Though the wind was strong, that man could have a good rest under the trees. How comfortable the life was! One day, that man wanted to enlarge his house, so he cut down all the trees. Then the autumn came without the protection. The strong wind blew the roof of the house into the sky. The whole house was gone with the wind. What a pity! But that’s the price people have to pay for destroying in the ecology balance. People shouldn’t be short-sighted. Protecting the environment is everyone’s task.
  As you know, there are four kinds of pollution. They are air pollution, water pollution, waste pollution and noise pollution. But what can we do to solve the pollution? I think, firstly, we can make cars that don’t pollute the environment. We can ask companies to use modern clean technology. In some big cities, we can limit the number of cars. Secondly, we can try to use less water and make sure that we do not pollute the water. We can tell factories that they are not allowed to pour waste water into the lakes and rivers. Thirdly, we should not throw rubbish in parks and cities. We can pick up rubbish if we see it. We can put more rubbish bins in our parks and cities. Fourthly, we can live far from the noise and make the laws to limit the noise,the air, water and the whole atmosphere directly influenced our lives, such as the air, people may cough and it will lead to cancer. So we must try our best to keep the world clean and tidy. To reach it, I want to put forward three points to everybody---Point 1: don’t spit and liter; Point 2: don’t draw on the wall; Point 3: clean the streets every day.
  In order to make the environment clean, let’s join our hands together to make the world better.
Thank you!
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